Dr. Eppinger is Professor of the Practice at Carnegie Mellon University where he teaches web application development in the School of Computer Science. Prior to joining the faculty in 2001, he was an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science.

Dr. Eppinger is also President of Wizzysoft Corporation, a small software consulting company.

Dr. Eppinger was a founder of Transarc Corporation, which was purchased by IBM in 1994. He was instrumental in the creation of Transarc's transaction processing and web application server business which was ultimately used as a basis for IBM's WebSphere product line. Dr. Eppinger held many positions at Transarc, including Chief Technology Officer, Acting Chief Operating Officer, and Director of Product Management. He was also a member of Transarc's Board of Directors.

Prior to joining Transarc, Dr. Eppinger was an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. At Stanford, he did research in transaction processing systems and lectured on operating systems.

Dr. Eppinger received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University in 1988. While a student at Carnegie Mellon, he received the ACM's 1983 George E. Forsythe Award for best undergraduate student paper for his work on the analysis of binary trees.

Dr. Eppinger has had several articles published in computer science journals and books. For several years, he was on the program committee for the International Workshop on High Performance Transaction Systems. He was a member of X/Open's Distributed Transaction Processing Group and a co-author of several of its industry standards.

Periodically, Dr. Eppinger also sits on technical advisory boards and committees for local start-up companies and schools.

Dr. Eppinger is married to a beautiful epidemiologist. They have two children with very clean hands.

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